Speedball is the national game of Egypt. Speedball was founded in the REGIOT-OF-EGYPT by Dr. Mohd Hussain Lofty in 1960.

1. Speedball is the fastest game in world.

2. Player has to reached the speed of 0.60 sec to hit the ball.

3. It can be played indoor as well as outdoor.

4. Speedball is the game of eye and hand coordination.

5. It hardly needs 10-10 feet square.

6. It develops the thinking ability of the player.

7. Scientifically prove that speedball can remove the specks of any person.

In J&K the speedball was running sucessfully since 2010.

Under the guidelines of Mr. Sunny Nanda [General Secretary J&K speedball association]. Second time world medalist in speedball at Egypt & France. He is also selected for 30th world speedball championship at U.S.A.

Speedball sport is recogonised by many departments like nehru yuva kendra, department of youth services and sport, J&K olympic association, school games federation of India.

So, we requested you to give us one chance to display our sport to your school. Mostly every school of jammu has been enjoying this popular game.

Come lets experience the best of racket sports.